A career with SWC Realty offers incredible opportunities. At SWC Realty, our greatest satisfaction is seeing you succeed. Unlike other agencies that solely focus on brand development and listings, we focus on developing your career and making you a household name. A successful real estate office needs to focus on agent support, development and direction. Our unique benefits include:


Our brokers are experienced and accessible, offering unprecedented support to our agents and making your transactions as stress free as possible. SWC Realty prides itself in providing our agents with the best broker talent in the industry. We also feature small, manageable offices allowing the broker to offer the utmost support to each agent. Our brokers are always available to assist you on individual transactions and one-on-one training and coaching.


Bigger is not always better. At SWC Realty, we keep our offices small for a number of reasons. Outside of consistent broker support, a small office provides you the opportunity for more leads and more productive floor time.


Branding yourself in the market as a real estate professional is very costly. Because SWC Realty is partnered with the largest media companies in the market, we are able to take on those expenses for you. We provide each of our agents with customized marketing campaigns that include print, digital and social media along with billboard and broadcast. No agency invests more to market individual agents than SWC Realty!


SWC Realty offers a competitive commission structure but also so much more. SWC Realty does not charge our agents marketing, franchise, administration, office supplies or desk fees. We even pay for your business cards and yard signs. Unlike other agencies, we provide you with all the tools you need to succeed at no cost. We guarantee you will not find an agency that will provide you more!


Even though SWC Realty has the most experienced brokers to provide you with one-on-one training and coaching, we also invest in providing you with SWC University. SWC University is a regularly scheduled training workshop to provide additional specialty training. Topics include: Sales Prospecting, Social Media, Photography, Home Staging and Negotiations.


SWC Realty makes its agents stars! Not only do we market our homes better than the competition, we focus heavily on marketing each agent. You will be featured in newsprint ads, digital advertising including social media and in Featured Home Videos…at no cost to you! Other agencies only invest in marketing their brand and listings. We rarely market our brand or listings without including our agents’ photos and contact information. We provide you with all of this so that you can secure more listings, earn higher commissions and ultimately build a successful career with SWC Realty. Your success is our success.


SWC Realty believes in constantly developing their agents and brokers. If you have a passion for real estate and an entrepeneurial spirit, SWC is where you want to have a career. We have a proven track record of cultivating new agents as well as furthering the careers of current agents and brokers. SWC Realty can benefit any agent or broker, no matter where they are in their careers.


SWC Realty will jump start your career. If you demonstrate a passion for real estate, we will reimburse you for your real estate schooling after your first transaction. We promise you that no other agency will market you more as a new agent.


If you are a current agent who feels like you have no support and are tired of paying fees to your current brokerage, consider coming to SWC Realty. We love agents who have experienced other agencies because they truly appreciate the SWC Realty difference. If you have just given up and placed your license in escrow, but still know you have what it takes, we encourage you to contact us and experience all we have to offer.


Are you a current agent considering a career as a broker? SWC Realty will help you get there. SWC Realty is constantly expanding, which means we are always looking for qualified brokers. If you have the dream of managing your own office, we will help you get there through our tuition reimbursement program.